Teachers Enrichment

Sr No Name Organised By 
1 Online classes on zoom and microsoft team PIET
2 Online Assessment PIET
3 Prepare Online Teaching Materials  PIET
4 Uses of Google Form PIET
5 Webinar on Teaching  Science-In everyday life  Myedubug 
6 International Teacher  Quiz  Edu squed Foundation 
7 Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat Quiz Ministry of Tourism India 
8 Webinar series on Emerging Trnds & Opportunities in HVAC Student ishrae
9 अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संगोष्टी - संस्कृत, योग एवं स्वास्थ्य संवर्धन   हरियाणा संस्कृति अकादमी 
10 Online Session on Essential Elements of Early Childhoood Education Kaleido Education 
11 CBSE Workshop on Recreational Mathematics  CBSE
12 CBSE Workshop on Cyber Crime CBSE
13 CBSE Training on Learning Outcomes and Pedagogies  DIKSHA CBSE
14 CBSE Training on Health and Well Being in School DIKSHA CBSE
15 CBSE Workshop  on Sources of Stress and Responses  CBSE
16 CBSE Workshop onPrespectives Building of Life Skills  CBSE
17 CBSE Workshop on Myths About Stress CBSE
18 CBSE Workshop on Mind Fullness CBSE
19 CBSE Training on Pedagogy of Environment Studies  DIKSHA CBSE
20 CBSE Training on Pedagogy of Language  DIKSHA CBSE
21 CBSE Training on Pedagogy of Mathematics  DIKSHA CBSE
22 CBSE Training on Experiential Learning  DIKSHA CBSE
23 Webinar on Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence  AdmitKard 
24 Webinar on Beyond Motivation:Engaging Students Cambridge Assessment English 
25 Python workshop  Ikkumpaltihom
26 Online awareness quiz on COVID 19 University of Mysore 
27 Online AYUSH Sanjivani Quiz  Ministry of AYUSH India
28 Online Annular Solar Eclipes Quiz  Vigyan Prasar Bharat
29 Online  Quiz on Anti Drug Abuse   Ministry of Home Affairs 
30 Online webinar on New way of Schooling AIPO
31 Online Webinar on The Future of Space - Turning Science Fiction into Reality in the Classroom
CBSE in association with Australian Trade and Investment Commission
32 Online Webinar on Leading Digital Learning CBSE in association with Australian Trade and Investment Commission
33 Online Webinar on Transformative career and life lessons from the pandemic - through the lens of economics CBSE in association with Australian Trade and Investment Commission
34 Online Webinar on Do Goldfish really have a longer attention span than students of today? CBSE in association with Australian Trade and Investment Commission
35 Webinar on  “Whole School Approach to Fitness” Session with Heads of Institutions / Principals Khelo India National Fitness Assessments for School going Children
36 Webinar on Time of Transition:Online Learning  OP Jindal Global University 
37 Free Vedic Mathematics Course  Math Inic Online
38 Webinar on Scientific Temperament  Ratna Sagar
39 Webinar on A Palace for Emotional Wellbeing in Academic Curricula Reinventing School
40 Webinar on Hindi Dr Vinod
41 Webinar on Mind Mapping and emergency studies  International Faculty Rajendra Singh Gandhi 
42 Webinar on Vedic Ganit Dharmesh Pithava
43 Webinar on  Happy child and Effective Parenting  International Faculty Rajendra Singh Gandhi  and Rachita Shah
44 Reopening Part-2 CEIR Global and Varansi Sahodaya
45 CBSE-Khelo India Fitness Assessment of School going Children CBSE
46 Psychological Pediatric Concerns during COVID-19 Diksha IGOT
47 care of patient with covid19 Diksha IGOT
48 COVID19 Stress Management -English Diksha IGOT
49 Essentials of COVID Diksha IGOT
50 Data Analysis in Python Pandas CBSE
51 IPN Teacher Training  Indian Principals’ Network
52 Strategies of happy classroom  CBSE
53 Exploring Experiential Learning through Projects CBSE
54 Digital and Social Media Strategies for Schools CBSE
55 Pediatric Workplace Practices Post the Covid-19 Crisis CBSE
56 Khanoot Learning organized by Cambridge CBSE
57 Levers of Leading CBSE
58 Voices from the Field: Preparing for the New School Year organised by Virtual Events Virtual Events
59 Australia Virtual Masterclass Series organised by Australian Government Trade & Investment Commission CBSE
60 New Online Self access material for B2 First and C1 Advanced Learners organised by Cambridge Assessment English CBSE
virtual Tour PSAT Exam